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North-East hip-hop artist and prolific releaser of music, Sam Thomas, drops his brand new single, Double Rum & Confidence. It’s a slick offering complete with growling bass, ambient guitar and soaring synths, which sets the scene nicely for Sam’s distinct and confident vocal flow.

Here, the talented solo artist talks about his top five beverages…

It changes all the time but here are my top right now.

“It don’t matter let me take a drink” 

5: Shipyard Pale Ale 
Cheap, refreshing and did I mention it’s cheap? 

4: Rhubarb Gin & Lemonade 
What I drink when I think I’m being sensible but really it just goes down easier. 

3: Jack Daniels & Honey w/ Ice 
What I drink when I’m ill and think this will sort me out but really it does absolutely nothing but get me even more waved. 

2: Amaretto w/ Ice 
Sweet, smooth and oh so tasty

1: Double Spiced Rum & Confidence 
Well maybe not confidence but definitely coke. I tend to go through phases of different drinks and right now this is the phase, it just happened to make it into a song, haha…

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