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Salsola are a four-piece, indie-rock/pop outfit that since 2017 have been relentlessly gigging around the North-East entertaining audiences with their upbeat onstage energy and catchy songs. The band has just released their new single, Deconstruction, and share with us their eco-friendly Bunch Of Fives ahead of its release.

We were proud to host Teesside’s first ‘single-use plastic-free gig’ back in November. Vicky has also recently joined the lovely Art Mouse Promotions to help with the organisation of more pro-environment events (including the recent crisp packet project). Since we like to think of ourselves as a big green band with eco-friendly merch we want to share our top 5 single-use plastic swaps.

The Georgian Theatre’s tankards. These not only look way more badass than the standard plastic cup, they work in the dishwasher so can be used over and over again. These are what use used (enforced) for our gig in the Green Room last November. We think every venue should use these as the amount of plastic cups most venues go through on an average night is probably well over 100, and that is a lot of plastic to end up in landfill or worse just to hold one pint of flat lager.

Tote bags. Who doesn’t love carrying their shopping around with a logo of your favourite band or (more likely) an event you went to where they were given away for free? If anyone reading this doesn’t have one, get yourself down to the next Salsola gig and check out the merch…

Reusable face pads. If your no stranger to the band you will be aware that I often come off stage looking like some kind of Alice Cooper, Joker type character. These Face pads help me return my face to something less horrifying without chucking a facewipe full of plastic into the bin. Those wipes also are responsible for those huge fat bergs clogging up sewers all over the country, if flushed!

Stretchy lids. As a 25% vegan band, we love beans. We also can’t eat a whole tin at once, because we’re not animals. These can be stretched over the can keeping those beans tasty and fresh for many days. No more clingfilm for us. The ones I use have smiley faces on them, so I know at least one thing has smiled at me that day, which is another bonus.

Loofahs instead of plastic sponges. It’s a funny word and we’ve learned you can grow your own (they’re like cucumbers!) What’s not to like? We might even grow our own this summer and add them to our merch. Salsola loofah anyone?

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