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Sunderland singer-songwriter Patrick Gosling releases Good Measure, the debut single from their first solo EP. The self-produced track is an ear-pleasing offering, complete with spacious The Las sounding guitars and impassioned indie vocals. 

Here, Patrick tells us about his top five fave tracks…

1. All My Friends – LCD Soundsystem 
If I had to pick a favourite song of all time it would be this one. I got into LCD when I was about 15 and immediately had a pure connection with this song. It reminds me of good times with my friends. It makes me feel nostalgic about stuff that probably hasn’t even happened to me but I still relate to it. It’s a strange one.

2. Harmonias Dream – The War on Drugs
The War on Drugs are probably one of (if not) the biggest inspirations for me in terms on getting ‘my sound’. I’m really into the way they make these melodic and dream-like soundscape tunes without losing the drive and energy behind the song. As a live band, myself and the lads, try to create a War On Drugs-esque feel to the set. In terms of Good Measure, they are the blueprint behind the vibe and feeling of the song.

3. Instant Karma – John Lennon 
It’s almost a running joke how much I talk about the Beatles and their solo careers but I genuinely love it. It’s a debate in itself who had the best solo career but I think using this song as an example makes a very solid argument for John Lennon being the best. The tune is raw, energetic and class! It’s got some ridiculous drum fills that don’t really work but that’s what makes them work and the best vocal sound I think I’ve ever heard. Mint.

4. Good Times Bad Times – Led Zeppelin 
This song is the reason I started playing the guitar in the first place. I have a very clear memory of my Uncle Mark showing me Led Zeppelin when I was 7 and it blowing my mind. From that moment I was hooked and made my entire personality the fact that I love guitars, something that hasn’t changed into my 20s.

5. Ode to Viceroy – Mac DeMarco 
Getting into Mac’s music when I was a teenager was a bit of a pivotal moment for me as a songwriter, I had recently started to focus more on what goes into my songs at the time and then finding out these strange chords and odd guitar effects (later finding out was just Vibrato and chorus). Lyrically the song is just a love song about his favourite brand of cigarettes, it’s trivial but mint.

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