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North-East singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and alternate reality creator MXYM drops the first single of 2022, Private In Public. Inspired by the freedom and exhilaration of exhibitionism and debauchery, the track is an insight to the double edged sword of being perceived. Musically, it’s three minutes of epic and urgent synth fuelled, guitar-driven. art-rock with big impassioned vocals and the sleek production that we’ve come to expect from MXYM’s work.

Here MXYM tells about their favourite episodes of Hannah Montana (as how it ties in with their music)…

My new single Private In Public deals with the double edge sword of the excitement and claustrophobia that comes with knowing everyone’s eyes are on you, knowing that your actions create a perception of yourself within others and in all scenarios we find ourselves in we must, on some level of consciousness, “act” and become what we think people want us to be. Naturally this concept leads us to one place… Hannah Montana, and as what would be considered a super fan, I can say I’m absolutely qualified to provide a list of the top 5 Hannah Montana Episodes (in no particular order).

Season 2: Episode 5 – I Am Hannah, Hear Me Croak 
The drama, the fear, the dream induced hijinks. After performing a stunning 6 encores at her show the previous night we find Miley has lost her voice and must undergo throat surgery, which could end up with her never being able to sing again. Not only a true life fear of singers everywhere, a very similar true life drama for Miley Cyrus. Thanks to a late night ‘Loco Hot Coco’ we find ourself in an extended dream sequence in which she is no longer able to sing, the world (and her friends) n longer remember she was ever Hannah Montana and dismiss her existence. Through this learn that Miley’s worth as a person is not equated to her work load and vocal ability, the truth is that she is loved for who she is as a person… seems to me if she’d just listen to Worth Remembering by MXYM she could’ve learnt that lesson much quicker.

Season 3: Episode 18/19 – He Could Be The One 
A Cultural Milestone, a turning point in history, the two parter to end all two parters. Miley finds herself caught between two lovers, Jake, the classic heartthrob that we’ve been in love with since season 1 and Jesse, the new boy in the band, badass guitar player. The lesson here being love is not an easy road and that through our lives we will meet new people who will catch our attention, emotions are not fair and sometimes to make the right choice for ourselves we must hurt those around us… Kinda sounds like San Clemente Syndrome by MXYM, but that’s just me. 

Season 2: Episode 26 – Yet Another Side Of Me
If you take one thing from this whole nonsense, it’s to watch this episode, it’s literally the best. Hannah meets pop superstar Ice, she’s NOT Madonna even though her hits include “immaterial girl” and “impress yourself” and all her images are Madonna recreations. Hannah is sent spiralling when Not Madonna tells her if she doesn’t reinvent herself constantly her career will die and her fans will find her boring. Due to this we get a Devo inspired Techno Hannah, a Hip Hop “Half Dolla Hannah” and finally an all out punk rock Hannah that inspires a troupe of rioting children… thanks Not Madonna. Terrorising a group of children probably isn’t the healthiest way of dealing with the need to distort and change yourself to win at your career path, one may say listening to Pageant by MXYM would be a much safer outlet. If you think that link between song and episode was a reach, just you buckle up…

Hannah Montana: The Movie
You may say this is cheating because this isn’t an episode, it’s a whole movie, but to that I say make your own list and imma do what I want. Now everyone remembers the Hoedown Throwdown, Miley taking her wig off to the whole town of Crowley Corners and of course the rainbow chicken coop with giant egg door; BUT we all seem to forget the catalyst to this cinematic classic. This of course being Miley arriving at Lilly’s birthday party as Hannah, Lilly’s SIXTEENTH birthday party… Do we see where I’m going here? Yes, this whole movie would’ve been sorted a lot quicker if Miley had just listened to Sixteen by MXYM. Sixteen and Lillys Sweet Sixteen both show that our actions will create lasting effects on those around us, relationships will forever be changed and these feelings will be brought into all our future relationships and naturally we end up taking our wig off in the middle of Tennessee (yes I definitely wrote Sixteen about removing your wig, go listen now and I’m sure you’ll get it.)

Season 4: Episode 9/10 – I’ll Always Remember You 
Another two parter, that just so happened to tear our hearts in two and kill all of our childhoods. As Miley gets older she realises more and more that living a double life has its limits, with the tipping point being Miley not making it into her dream college, but Hannah would be accepted in a heartbeat. The time had to come, and in this cataclysmic moment in history Miley goes on TV, removes her wig and announces to the world her secret. In one swift move her PRIVATE life is PUBLIC, leaving her to finally live a life surrounded by paparazzi, fake friends and no second identity to hide behind… Kinda like my new single Private In Public, she now has to live her intimate moments with no barrier or way to hide. If only she had my song way back in 2010… shame it isn’t out until April 8th 2022!


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