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Hartlepool’s Mt. Misery release their brand new single I Was Wrong, an uplifting, summery indie-folk ditty with magnificent melodies and an aura that could have easily originated from Laurel Canyon in the early seventies. The track is the second single to be taken from their upcoming debut album and was mixed by Kenny Gilmore (Chris Cohen, Weyes Blood, Julia Holter, Ariel Pink, Halloweens) in Los Angeles as well as featuring backing vocals from ethereal artiste, Jodie Nicholson.

Here, the band discuss their favourite albums with a bunch of fives…

Andy Shauf – The Party
The Party is probably one of our absolute favourite records collectively. Songs like “Early to the Party” and “Quite Like You” seem so carefully and meticulously arranged, but Andy makes them sound effortless, as if he doesn’t even have to try. The dry, muted drum sound on this album has even informed our own; the t-shirts draped over Lewis’ drums have been a permanent fixture ever since he heard the album.

Chris Cohen – Overgrown Path
Chris Cohen is a huge inspiration to us, and Overgrown Path is, in our opinion, a low-key modern classic. Most of the other artists we’ve mentioned in this list have cited it as an influence or a favourite as well, so we feel that we’re in good company here. The album was entirely self-recorded with equipment you’d commonly find in most people’s home studios, which is part of what makes it so great. It sounds personal, intimate and achievable, like something you could do yourself. That’s where its deceiving though – it sounds easy, but the more you listen, the more you realise how intricate and impossible to replicate each song is.

EZTV – Calling Out/High in Place
EZTV only released two albums, both filled with expertly-crafted, hooky songs in the vein of bands like Big Star and The dBs. Their music is so commonly referred to between us that its almost shorthand – if one of us suggests that a Mt. Misery song “needs an EZTV bridge after the second chorus”, we all know what that means. We couldn’t possibly choose between either album, so we’re cheating a bit here and picking both. The band are sadly no longer together, but they’ve since evolved into Ezratwho put out an amazing album earlier in the year called Carousel. We highly recommend that too. 

Nap Eyes – Whine of the Mystic
Nap Eyes record most of their albums completely live to tape. No overdubs, punching-in, or editing. It’s the sound of a band set up in a room, playing music together. Quite often, we’ll put on a Nap Eyes album when travelling to gigs. It’s almost ritualistic – we’re about to go and play our own jangly guitar music to a crowd of people (if we’re lucky), so let’s listen to Nap Eyes do it too. Hearing songs like “No Fear of Hellfire” somehow makes the prospect of playing in front of people less daunting. It makes us excited to be playing in a band together. 

Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising
Titanic Rising was one of our favourite records of last year. Like a lot of the albums we’ve talked about here, it has an instant-classic, timeless quality to it.  The album deals with contemporary themes but the inspiration behind it seems to stretch back to the big studio records of the ‘60s and ‘70s.  We’re such big fans of the album’s sound that we asked Kenny Gilmore, who mixed the record, to mix “I Was Wrong”, our latest single. The song’s not quite on the same level of grandeur as Weyes Blood, but he kindly agreed to do it anyway. Thanks, Kenny!


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