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Self-proclaimed “Northern star” Mr. Matthew Fisher releases his debut solo single, Antenna Blame, on Friday 9th October (pre-save it here). The track was written and performed by the former Circus Villain/current member of pop-rock outfit Electric Screams (who themselves have recently dropped a single) with production, along with synth and drum parts, from Ronald Raygun’s very own Sam Kennedy.  

This initial offering is a fiery, funked up affair complete with new wave sensibilities, a soulful lead vocal and some nifty guitar work whizzing around the mix. Think Talking Heads and XTC blended together with a pinch of Studio 54 chic and a dash of cheeky chappy Northern grit. 

Here, Mr Fisher gives us a bunch of fives about his favourite songs and activities that he likes to do whilst listening to them…

Song One: Take The Long Way Home – Supertramp
Activity: Celebratory driving

I think I first came across the song on an episode of Ashes to Ashes, Gene Genie driving the Audi Quattro through some rather dull bits of London. I always think the song has a ring of optimism and celebration in it, so much so I’ve probably repeated the theatrics in my own car and felt like I too was Gene Hunt (minus the bigotry. The song says to me that things can get better , take the lineDoes it feel that your life’s become a catastrophe?
Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy’. I always have these moments of reflection in the car, so what a perfect song for it!

Song Two: Jolly F*cker – Sleaford Mods
Activity: Boarding the train

This is a right nasty old song. It pokes at horrible men in higher roles in society and is really saying that with success, there sometimes can be a depreciation of class, creativity or fun. Jolly F*cker is perfectly accompanied with a walk through a train station to board a train, so many dawdlers and white smiles holding fancy Coffees. It’s just a train you know?

Song Three: ABCs of New York – Princess Nokia
Activity: Bicycle cruising

My favourite Hip Hop song of recent times. Princess Nokia is a boss and her attitude as an artist is something to be admired. The wordplay in this song is great and then the Jazz piano-based beat just provides the perfect groove to be riding bikes in the sunshine.  When I’m cycling over the A66 bridge listening to this song, I feel it’s the closest I’ll ever get to cycling through Queens or Manhattan on a cruiser BMX.

Song Four: Narcissus – Lazarus Kane
Activity: Depositing Cash

I often get paid in cash for work and this means regular visits to the bank. Although I’m just depositing innocent Sole Trader income, in my head I feel like I’ve just landed the biggest heist of the 21st century and I’ve entered into Halifax with a  duffle bag with a couple of million inside (although I doubt Halifax would be the first place to visit). Anyway this song has a bunch of swagger and is equally villainous as it is sexy – Perfect for depositing sums of money no matter how big or, in my case, small.

Song Five: Firesmoke – Kate Tempest
Activity:  Walking in the woods

Kate Tempest has managed to create absolute tranquillity with this tune and the desperate, heartfelt lyrics could probably resonate with anyone. I’m someone that really struggles to sit down and relax, I often need other assets such as music to help me do so. Firesmoke can help to absolutely switch off and is perfect for a walk in the woods where you don’t want music to interrupt nature too much. It’s also good for sleeping in the car or on a train.

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