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Katie C is a singer-songwriter from the North-East, inspired by the likes of Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac and Anne Marie. She releases her brand new track Dear Harry, a two-and-a-half-minute-long atmospheric chamber-pop track about young love and a date at the beach, complete with reverb-laden piano and harmonious vocals… And, as the title suggests, it’s “unashamedly” inspired by the artist’s all-time hero, Harry Styles.

Here, Katie C tells us about her top five Harry Styles songs…

As it Was – Harry’s House (Third Album)
As it Was will always be my favourite Harry Styles song, the lyrics, the music, the video all add up to a top song.  I love the upbeat sound, contrasting with the sadness around an old relationship, possibly. When it comes to the music video, well the red sparkly outfit stands out against the more monochromatic background; Harry fashion is iconic, something we don’t see too often in music today, as it was with Freddie Mercury. Towards the end of the music video we see Harry dancing and smiling away, for me, it’s really uplifting, and that dance, a couple of attempts at home and you wonder how Harry does it.  As it Was comes on, you hear the opening bars and “Come on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you” and the fans go wild. You’re waiting for the line “LEAVE AMERICA, two kids follow her“ in the bridge and of course part of me is getting ready to shout full volume, waiting for Harry’s reaction. 

Sunflower, Vol.6 – Fine Line (Second Album)
Sunflower reminds me of a summer’s day, at a local sunflower farm last year, I remember walking through the flower fields thinking about this song, humming away for anyone to hear. I think this song is underrated, since my first listen I’ve looked more closely at the lyrics and although it might just be another song about love, it does sound really sweet. I love the part where he says “Tonight, tonight, tonight” the echo really adds atmosphere.  I remember first listening to this song on the way to the Lake District, now an even more famous place with Taylor Swift’s mention, and the whole Fine Line album and just loving it all, would be a great one to see live with a yellow sparkly Harry Styles in front of an Ibrox stadium field full of fans, clutching sunflowers, swaying to the Sounds of Styles. This album came out in lockdown and I can remember having that time to reflect, starting to write and releasing “Everyday Heroes”, all the while listening to the wonderful Mr Harry Styles.

Late Night Talking – Harry’s House (Third Album)
Late Night Talking, are you ready to bop? I love the chorus, it’s catchy, it’s a song I start randomly singing ’’if you’re feelin’ down I just wanna make you happier, baby’’. And the music video, I remember sat waiting, near my cardboard cutout of Harry, for the music video to drop and laughing a lot with the crazy sound effects when he goes into the bed and thinking, I guess Harry would have wanted something like that! Seeing Harry perform this live in Edinburgh, well it’s got added trumpets and audience participation – Harry sings a line and we sing back, dance and lose our feathers from our bowers. Forget follow the yellow brick road,  the feathers lead us this time. 

Matilda – Harry’s House (Third Album)
This is an emotional one, listening through my headphones and seeing it live is just a world apart. We lit up our phones and Harry takes a moment to check the audience are doing ok. With Matilda, Harry imagines her stepping out of that Roald Dahl book, grown up and a close friend to him. Again, we are back to Edinburgh and a heart-shaped balloon goes up into the sky – another TikTok moment for us youngsters. I love the line “You don’t have to be sorry for leaving and growing up“, I’ll remember that when I get to that point in life. This one has a stripped-back feel to it, they didn’t throw the kitchen sink into it but allowed Harry to shine through.

Sweet Creature – Harry Styles (First Album)
I found the last choice a tricky one. It was between this and Sign of the Times. You tend to hear Sign of the Times on the radio a lot, it sticks in your head but the lyrics on Sweet Creature are beautifully written and for that reason it makes my Top 5. “When I run out of road, you bring me home” it’s a quiet, simple song, some say about a girlfriend and some about family, and when it comes to family, Harry is always full of praise for the folks at home. I always listen to this on long road trips, the dog curled up by my side and the tune lilts gently on.

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