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Kancho Club are a duo of producers, multi-instrumentalists, record label owners and DJs that create a blend of House and Techno with world music influences. The pair, who are also in the critically acclaimed brass band DILUTEY JUICE, mix the art of DJing with their expertise in Latin percussion and saxophone to create a truly unique experience through the union of live and electronic. 

Their debut single, Say it Baby, is their first installment of music to fill dance floors around Newcastle. Funky bass, grooving percussion and the dulcet tones of Christopher Walken are the nucleus of this track and these elements come together to create a sound that is perfect for fans of Latin-flavoured Toolroom releases and Camelphat-esque minimal tech-house. 

Here, the duo list their top 5 inspirations that went behind creating their debut track… 

Camelphat – Hangin’ out with Charlie  

We were drawn to this track right off the bat when we first heard it and would be a miss not to credit Camelphat for the inspiration they’ve had on our sound. We were particularly taken with this track by the way they take a vocal sample and made it fierce. That’s what we’ve done with Say It Baby but instead of Charlie Parker, we’ve taken the smooth sultry voice of Christopher Walken through his famed ‘More Cowbell ‘ SNL sketch.  

Dani Masi – Bin Bin  

Big chunky basslines – need we say more?  

David Herrero | Ben A – Native Drum 

Heavy percussion lines are such a driving force within the world/dance scene and we wanted this to be the focal point for our debut release. We loved the way the ago-go controls the space in this track and wanted to replicate that, but with a dirty, driving cowbell instead.  

Dennis Cruz – Watch Where You Walk 


Watch Where You Walk is a perfect example of juxtaposing organic percussion sounds against traditionally programmed drum machine samples like the 909 Clap. It’s this line between electronic and acoustic that we want to meld with Kancho Club, and this track is a perfect example of how to do it.  

 Celeda – The Underground  


Although released back in 2009, this track has been making the rounds on dance floors around the globe as of late and we found it encompasses everything we’ve done with our latest track. It’s dark, it’s fierce, it’s driving and it’s underground. Absolute banger from start to finish.  

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