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Lockdown has been littered with news stories of young ‘uns setting up illegal raves to win back some of the freedoms that have cruelly been taken from them during this pandemic. These stories may have angered some but for others it’s brought back memories of the golden age of dance music.

The Man Under The Bed has also been having a good old reminisce about these high-octane times in his new book, Turn Up The Bass: Flashbacks from the ’90s North-East Rave scene (available to purchase here), which charts the Geordie techno scene from its early beginnings at an illegal rave in an old disused whisky warehouse in Byker in July ’89 and on through the rise of the hypnotic electronic sounds that swept throughout the region’s nightclubs and raves in the early ‘90s.

Here, the author gives us his top five trailblazing local sounds that were early pioneers of the Geordie rave scene.

GFX – Eternal
Geoff Waterston’s spooky keyboard sounds were the original Geordie techno sounds that we used to listen to in Trax on High Bridge Street . Massively influential.


Twelvetone – Kinky Boots
Throbbing and pulsing electronic sounds from Mick Routledge. ‘Serious noise, rotate often,’ it said on the vinyl. We did.

PSI Division – Total Control
The darker intense sounds of 1992 captured perfectly by the Geordie band. Hardcore – you know the score.

Neo-Technik – Maas 2
Shaun Allen was the boss of the Hardware Records in the Toon and this is some classic Geordie bleep and bass from the legendary label.

M.I.C. – Oobie 1
Another NE bleep and bass classic that rocked the sweaty dancefloors and warehouses in 89/90 as we danced away at all-nighters in baggy flares and cricket hats.

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