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Just think, if it wasn’t for that pesky COVID-19 we’d be spending tonight circling our clashfinders for Stockton Calling and placing our next day delivery order via our ASOS app so that we have a nice new outfit for the big day. But alas, that isn’t the case and like every major event in the world, Teesside’s premier music event will be postponed until next year.

To help soften the blow, Middlesbrough musician Joe Ramsey will be playing tribute to the festival on Saturday 11th April via his Instagram stories from 7pm, where he’ll play some of his own indie tracks as well as some covers by bands meant to be performing at the festival including Jodie Nicholson, Tom Joshua, Llovers and Plastic Glass. Before he does, Joe reflects fondly on his top five Stockton Calling performances.

1 – Far Caspian
A friend told me about Far Caspian a week or before last year’s Stockton Calling, listened to a few tracks and liked him/them, but was blown away after seeing them live in The Vault! Seen them a few times since and was absolutely hooked since then.

2 – Twisted Wheel
I think this was 2018, absolutely LOVE their debut album, proper indie rock. Was pretty wavy by the time they came on at The Arc but I remember it very well. Pure anthems. My throat was pretty sore afterwards, they smashed it!

3 – Seafret
This was 2015, I discovered Seafret not long after they formed and I was fortunate enough to be able to watch an intimate show at the then HM Bark Endeavour stage. Still my favourite gig of theirs that I’ve been to!

4 – Little Comets
Throwing it back to Stockton Calling 2011!! This must have been the time when ‘In Search of Elusive Little Comets’ which was my album of the year back then. Seeing them for the first time headlining KU was probably the best gig I’d been to in my 18 years of life!!

5 – Reverend & The Makers
I think this was 2016 and it may or may not have been The Arc, but Reverend never disappoint and this was no exception. I was bouncing up and down to the b-b-bass line from start to finish!

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