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Great Waves drop their second single of 2021, Pyramid Smile, another instalment of the band’s upcoming EP. The track has a heavier and more expansive sound than previous release The Madness with lyrics that discuss failing relationships and the liberating feeling of getting out of a toxic situation.

Here, the band tell us about their top five films…

Khyle (Lead singer/guitarist): The Shadow
A truly incredible film based on a 1930s pulp novel, truly gorgeous art, set and character design. A really good story and film, sadly overlooked by other films at the time. An inspiration for the Batman comics, and you can absolutely tell when you watch the film or read the pulp novels. I used to watch this film all the time as a kid, and it never gets old for me.

David (Backup vocals/guitarist): Jurassic Park
So this film basically was my childhood, and is still my all time favourite film. I grew up being the kid thinking he would be a paleontologist because of Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant. It’s a film that as a kid I was in awe of seeing dinosaurs on the big screen and as an adult it’s something I can pull themes and metaphors from. Such as the Garden of Eden and playing God, achieving results without discipline and the ramifications of that, climate change and the pursuit of scientific change. My favourite scene from this film has to be the Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking out of its paddock and attacking the cars (I have this tattooed on my leg)

The Exorcist 
Such a classic film, can’t say much more than that. Outstanding practical effects, acting, music and sound. Genuinely an unnerving film but with an overall message of good triumphing over evil and showing that even when things are at their worst we can always come back from the brink. I love the themes of crisis of faith, how money can’t solve all your problems and the importance of trust and family. My favourite scene of the film is when Father Damien sees a photo of Reagan and doesn’t recognise her because of the transformation the demon has put her through which gives him the strength and courage to go back one final time. 

Jack (Bassist): Dazed and Confused
Directed and written by Richard Linklater is a classic comedy/indie film that came out a year before I was born (1993). About a group of 16 year olds from Texas on their last day of school. Full of antics and riddled with familiar faces such as a horrendously pre-pubescent Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey. This film is actually the birth of McConaughey’s “alright, alright, alright” line. Wicked film, great laugh.

Dan (Drummer and Synth): House of 1000 Corpses
As a horror fanatic I’ve chosen this one, partially because I really enjoy Rob Zombie’s ‘grindhouse’ style horror filmmaking. An interesting piece of make-belief cinema told from the perspective of the movie’s killers, which I always find an interesting concept. The film is also accompanied by the director’s (Rob Zombie) own soundtrack, as he is a great musician in his own right. The songs in it perfectly accompany the film’s dark tones whilst keeping an element of comedy lightly in the mix.

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