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Durham’s indie-folk duo Fawns release their brand new single November. The song is about closing the door on a relationship that isn’t working and is a heartfelt melodious and harmonious offering filled with Wintery ambience and shimmering ethereal tones.

Here, Lou Maddison and Abi Barlow give us their top 5 favourite songs to make you cry…

Time After Time – Cindy Lauper
This song kills me, I think because of how nostalgic it makes me feel (I think most people born in the 80’s feel the same when they hear it). It transports me to when I was a kid singing it in the car with my mam, but on top of that there’s the heartbreaking lyrics and the heartfelt way she sings it.

It’s a good one to a have small cry to on the way to work, or when it’s the first dance at a wedding. That 80’s synth sound makes the nostalgia hit that much sweeter – A

The Shins – New Slang
So it’s winter, I’m in a car with my family heading to a hotel where we’re staying the night before my grandad’s funeral. I’ve got my iPod mini (in pink) and listening to music on shuffle, it’s started to snow and just as it did New Slang started to play. The beginning of the song with its haunting ooos, you don’t stand a chance. My eyes instantly started to pour – A

Twilight – Elliot Smith
So when we first started to sing together we quickly figured out that we like sad songs and we sing sad songs pretty good. We started out singing covers, and Twilight was one of the ones we used to sing a lot. Elliot smith has a fair few songs that are good to cry to, Twilight is the one that gets me the most. Perfect for a small weep at night time. – A

Idaho – Gregory Alan Isakov
Something about this song got to me before I even knew the lyrics, it’s just haunting and beautiful. But as soon as I read the lyrics “you see your soul, like some picture show, across Idaho” and “there’s lights up in the north, I ain’t wondering where you are” that was me gone, it’s a killer. It’s like he’s seeing the person he’s lost live on always in the Northern Lights, which just makes me crumble. Plus there’s a heartbreaking nostalgia to the lyrics, like he’s revisiting his youth and remembering good times when the person was still around. It’s so bittersweet and it gets me every time – L

A Minor Incident – Badly Drawn Boy
This song is absolutely heartbreaking and a belter for a cry when you’ve lost someone. 2 weeks before FAWNS’ first ever gig my step-dad, Den, died suddenly. In the car with my dad a few days after, this song came on & I burst into tears. My dad panicked to turn it off but I said “no leave it, it’s perfect!!” and I wailed all the way through haha. I asked Abi if we could play and dedicate it to Den at the gig and she said of course (she’s a good ‘un). We squeezed in more practises to learn it last minute and Abi got the harmonica part DOWN. This song always makes me tear up cause it reminds me of Den, but also how lucky I am to have such an amazing mate to sing with in Abi – L


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