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North East alt. rock band Electric Circus are known locally for their heavy and energetic rock vibes; here, they reveal all about some of the songs they wish they’d have written themselves!

The theme we’ve chosen is ‘songs we wish we’d written’. Basically songs with a riff, groove, beat or verse that hits us right in the feels and makes us wish we’d have done it first. We figured take one each and provide our own justification, and then choose one as a collective.


Leonard Cohen – Halleluiah

One of the most beloved and covered songs of all time (with a special mention to Bon Jovi’s version). The story behind writing one of the best lyrical songs of all time is that of meticulous detail, with an estimated 100-odd scrapped verses. As a songwriter myself, this track sets the benchmark for me on the level of perfectionism to strive for.

PS. This is the version that should’ve been in Shrek!


Rival Sons – Pressure and Time

It’s a song that always gets a reaction from me. That opening phrase from drummer Michael Miley had my attention within the first second of the song and that’s why I love his playing, he’s a bit of a jazz/funk (and Jo-Bo) nerd and the way he puts fills together is just gravy, as demonstrated throughout this track.

I also have to mention the cymbals which have been mixed perfectly on this track, I love hearing that ping throughout. I remember the first time I heard it on my way to work and couldn’t turn it up and hit repeat quick enough, if we could get that reaction to one of our records from even one person I’d be over the moon!


Black Sabbath – War Pigs

The pioneers of metal, Black Sabbath’s War Pigs is one of those anthems that everyone can sing along to (the first verse at least), with catchy lyrics written by bassist Geezer Butler about the fear of mandatory conscription. Ozzy’s booming vocals with killer riffs and an infectious groove from drum fills. Being the bassist, Geezers licks in the mellow intro inspire similar elements in an Electric Circus show.


Audioslave – Like a Stone

As a lover of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden, Audioslave was a wet dream of a supergroup for me personally and Like a Stone culminates all the factors I enjoy about the band, in perhaps their most mellow track.

There are many examples in his discography of why guitarist Tom Morello is my favourite, but I think the emotion he can invoke with his distinctive pedal usage in the solo in Like a Stone is the best instance. A solo that inspired, what my bandmates would call, my most controversial purchase… The Digitech Whammy (COMING SOON TO AN ELECTRIC CIRCUS SONG NEAR YOU).


Dire Straits – Money from Nothing

After some intense deliberations, we’ve managed to agree on the collaboration between local lads Mark Knopfler and Sting’s Money for Nothing. With an absolutely stellar riff that makes its way onto almost every ‘80’s rock’ compilation album. Lyrically an ill-perceived first-person account of the ease of musicianship written from the perspective of one of Knopfler’s old colleagues at a hardware store, all driven by a classic 80’s rhythm section. This is the kind of song Electric Circus would like to be known for.

Electric Circus play Bobik’s, Newcastle on Friday 21st April

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