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Originally from Caister-On-Sea in Norfolk, singer-songwriter Dolan Springs is now living and plying his trade in the North-East. His music and lyrics combine the redemptive elements of American music and an English small-town sensibility, creating a style of music that sees him compared to likes of Calexico, Billy Bragg and The Decemberists.

Dolan Springs gives us his bunch of fives ahead of the release of his brand new single, Winds That Blew.

Those who know me well will tell you a disproportionate amount of my sentences start with ‘I was listening to a podcast and…’ I’ve never really been an early adopter of anything, but when it comes to podcasts I can definitely say I was into them ‘before they were cool’. I listen to podcasts when: I cook, I drive, I’m not completing household chores, I’m failing at DIY, I’m missing items off my shopping list, but mostly when walking around my hometown of North Shields. I often go for a walk just so I can listen to a podcast. I find them a great source of inspiration, entertainment and knowledge. I really believe that in today’s soundbite culture, the rising popularity of podcasts demonstrates that there is still a thirst for long-form entertainment – which has to be at least a little reassuring, doesn’t it? Here are five of my favourites in no particular order. 

Sodajerker on Songwriting 
As a songwriter, I love listening to songwriters talk about songwriting and preferably with other songwriters. This is exactly what this podcast is. It’s great for picking up new ideas and inspiration to write songs, but also to be comforted that my methods, experiences and struggles in songwriting are shared by other songwriters. 
Gateway Episode – EP46 Ron Sexsmith

Walking The Floor with Chris Shiflett
Country and Americana music have long been a key influence on my songwriting. I share this passion with Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett, who interviews his favourite artists in his podcast. Great for songwriting tips, anecdotes and even gear talk. 
Gateway Episode – EP48 Jason Isbell.

Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell 
Author of a great book called Outliers: The Story of Success, Malcolm Gladwell uses his podcast to take a second look at the often overlooked and misunderstood people, events, ideas of the past. I’ll sneak in another recommendation here and mention Broken Record – the musical wing of RH Gladwell hosts alongside Rick Rubin. 
Gateway Episode –  Revisionist History EP7 – Hallelujah

Making Sense with Sam Harris
Not a podcast to be taken lightly. I have to be in a certain mood to listen to this. Sam Harris is a neuroscientist and philosopher who, alongside various guests, explores challenging (often terrifying) subjects in a level-headed, well researched, respectful and engaging way. 
Gateway Episode – EP151 Will We Destroy the Future?

The Adam Buxton Podcast 
This podcast can be irreverent, hilarious and silly but also insightful and thought-provoking. Adam is so polite and personable; he interviews a huge range of creative and interesting people. He also makes his own jingles, ads and interlude music which I enjoy a good sing to in the car. 
Gateway Episode – EP13 and 14 Bowiewallow PT 1+2

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