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Teesside alt-rock outfit Coral Snake follow up October’s debut single, Pierce the Heart, with their follow up offering Waiting In Line. Recorded by Samuel Turbitt of Ritual Studios in Thirsk, this track is an immediate and hard hitting track, with notes of Americana, driven by grinding riffs, relentless beats and lead singer Jamie Farrell’s gravelly vocals.

Here, the band tells us all about their top five television shows that they’ve been binging on over the pandemic…

We imagine like most, the pandemic has provided the perfect opportunity to discover a whole load of sensational shows and these 5 are only a handful of those we could talk about all day long. If you’re looking for something new then these are a good start and if you want any other recommendations then feel free to drop us a message or strike up the convo at a gig…..whatever one of those is, we can’t quite remember.

1. 24It goes without saying that 24 is undoubtedly the most important show to the band, after all our name is a direct reference to the Coral Snake special ops unit first referenced in Day 2, 05:00pm – 6:00pm….around 05:06:36….not that we like specifics or anything. As a man who can pretty much do as he pleases, who’s word literally means jack and who is a dab hand with a hacksaw, Jack Bauer is simply one of the greatest characters to have ever graced a TV show. All of these questionable characteristics don’t come without consequence of course, there’s Teri, Bill, Renee, Audrey….oh Audrey….plus his Dad & Brother are a right pair of dicks.

It might be almost 20 years since episode 1 but it’s still a show we can watch over and over again. Chris has watched it more times than he can remember (that’s a lie, we know he keeps a spreadsheet) and Joe has the most shocking record for watching it the quickest, just ask him for the stats and if you’re up for a challenge, try and beat him!

2. VikingsBlood. Axes. Brotherly feuds. Boobs. More blood. I mean, this show really has got it all. You want epic battles? Done. You want manly men doing manly stuff? Got it. You want badass women routinely showing the guys how it’s done? They’re here. At a time when Game of Thrones appeared to be untouchable in the ratings, in crashed Vikings like a raid on the Lindisfarne monastery. Chronicling the colourful exploits of Ragnar Lothbrok and his kin, the show pays homage to historical truth with superbly acted and finely executed action from start to finish. 

Whether you’re getting caught up in the ever-evolving power struggle storylines, or just straight up getting lost in Ragnar’s insanely blue eyes, you can’t not love this show. Jamie gives Vikings a solid 14/14.

3. Sons Of AnarchySons Of Anarchy. Where do we begin? As a complete story it is simply, hands down one of the best out there. Tell most people who haven’t seen it that it’s about a Californian biker gang and they’d probably assume the worst…. Well they’d be right but it’s so much more than that. Sure, the levels of violence, harrowing storylines and multitude of shocking moments will leave you itching to binge watch episode after episode but it’s the underlying running theme of brotherhood, loyalty and family that somehow help paint a justifiable picture of the antics the gang gets up to.

The soundtrack is absolutely superb too, not only because of the brilliant theme song but the vast array of classic and instantly recognisable songs…. Just Google the soundtrack and you’ll see why. Add to that some cameos from rock legends such as Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro, Velvet Revolver’s Dave Kushner and Quiet Riot/Lynch Mob’s Sean McNabb and you can see why it would appeal to a band like us.

Although loved by us all, Matt picked this as it reminds him of a simpler time when the rest of us recommended it to him at band practice…. You know, when they could actually happen.

You’re guaranteed to take away at least two things by the end. 1. Everyone needs a Tig Trager in their life. 2. You’ll never look at a barbecue fork the same ever again.

4. Band of Brothers If you haven’t seen Band of Brothers you have not experienced one of the greatest and most powerful pieces of television to grace the earth. Almost 20 years since it was aired, it is a timeless piece of television. With a stellar cast (just wait until you recognise the now incredibly famous faces), outstanding production and emotional storytelling, the absolute highlight and privilege is to watch and listen to the words of the true WW2 heroes that speak prior to each episode, eventually revealing their true identities in an emotional final interview to conclude the final episode. There may only be 10 episodes but you will walk away having watched 10 hours of sublime television complimented with Hollywood levels of production. Take Joe’s recommendation of the episode ‘Bastogne’ as a standout highlight.

5. The Wire Widely regarded as the greatest TV show of all time and for good reason, the Wire was a truly groundbreaking show. A crime drama on the surface, the Wire focuses on human behaviour, power structures and the struggles of life they bring. Set in Baltimore, each season focuses on a different aspect of life in Baltimore and shows how complexly intertwined these can become.

Aside from some stellar acting performances from a perfectly cast ensemble such as Idris Elba as Stringer Bell (it blew Chris’s mind when he saw him in Luther and realised he was English), the Wire shines because it successfully depicts the shades of grey that exist in the world. There is no bad guy or hero in the Wire, the only real enemy is the system itself. One of the finest moments shows two detectives investigating the scene of a homicide. In the nearly 5 minute scene the only words spoken are ‘fuck’, or a variation on it. With brilliant acting and storytelling the whole crime is successfully explained to the audience without the show feeling the need to spoon-feed the audience. The Wire is simply storytelling at its finest. Chris doesn’t associate with people who don’t like the Wire.

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