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The much championed Cheap Teeth drop their dark and bold new single Animal Fat, a three minute punk anthem which existentially discusses modern technology. 

Here the band discusses their favourite scenes in film that feature music with a bunch of fives…

We’ve been watching and re-watching our favourite films during lockdown and re-lockdown. It’s made us realise how much the soundtracks of movies you love influence your music taste. These are our five favourite song moments in films. The films aren’t necessarily our favourites (but some are our favourites, as demonstrated by this first one)…

1. The Ramones – Bonzo Goes to Bitburg… School of Rock (Jack’s pick)
“The moment this song comes on in the film is the best: the montage of him teaching the kids about old bands. I loved the song growing up, but I didn’t put two and two together that it existed outside of the film until I was older. I listened to the Ramones for the first time and realised that it is one of the best songs ever written.”

2. The Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia… Knives Out (Joe Laycock’s pick)
“A moment of redemption for the only redeeming character in the whole film. A surprisingly good film and an equally fitting musical exit. Jagger’s American accent is just a bit better than Daniel Craig’s though I must admit.”

3. Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight… Four Lions (Joe Ash’s pick)
“After recently watching Riz Ahmed’s performance in the Sound of Metal we all agreed it was his second best on screen musical performance behind this. It also reminds us of touring in the van so watching this again got us giddy.”

4. Antonio Banderas, Los Lobos – Cancion del Mariachi… Desperados (Sandy’s pick)  
“In an outfit as black as a coal miner’s arse, who else could use a guitar to defeat the generic bar thug better than Antonio Banderas. With the only example a ponytail has ever looked cool, this is what we hope acoustic sets will be like in the next few weeks.

5. Blondie – Dreaming… T2 (communal pick)
“A rare moment of clarity, elevation and inspiration for a character who spends his time up to this point in both of the Trainspotting films in a confused pit of drug-enforced despair. The two Trainspotting films have countless moments we could have chosen for the purpose of this task; whether it be Lust for Life or White Man in Hammersmith Palace. But, we opted for Dreaming by Blondie with a backdrop of a mixed montage of both betrayal (taking the form of Rents’ affair with Sickboy’s girlfriend) and opportunity (taking both the form of Spuds realisation of his talent for the written word and Bigby’s realisation of the limitless potential of little ocean-blue Viagra pills). We watched T2 the other day and this moment just hit close to home. Those moments of sudden inspiration that put you in a frenzy couldn’t be paired with a more fitting banger. Also watching spud scramble around in front of the iconic Edinburgh bargain store is a great Easter egg. We have bought much needed tat from that place.  

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