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Newcastle’s Art-Rock trio Cat Ryan recently announced a vinyl record deal with Vinyl Moon which will see their song “Mannerism” included on a 10-track vinyl compilation LP alongside artists from all over the world. Being a prolific bunch, they have also just dropped their latest single, Mary Shelley Song, a pacey and lyrical affair with jazzy guitar and folk sensibilities.

Here, the band reveal their band bucket list of five gigs they’d like to play…

1. Hit the North would be amazing to play because it’s local to us in Newcastle and lots of artists who previously performed there have gone on to be big in the indie scene. It’s great for supporting emerging artists!

2. Glastonbury (obviously). It’s just the dream festival to play really, especially on the pyramid stage. Not that we’ve been lucky getting tickets to go, but from watching some of our favourite artists perform there on tv.

3. Woodstock, if it was still on. The 70s hippie vibe just makes it look like such a cool festival and of course all that great 70s music. We might not have fit into that genre though but would be a chill festival to play. On this note, however, Woodstock has reminded me [Mary-Anne] of Kendal Calling which, although is a smaller festival, seems to have a similar agenda to Woodstock with the ‘love, not war’ kind of theme. It would be great to play on a stage there too.

4. Lollapalooza would be just a classic alternative festival to perform at and the line up is always so good!

5. Truck Festival in Oxfordshire which is a bit of a smaller one but I [Mary-Anne] went there last year and it was so fun. Some of the artists that have played there have become massive in the music industry and performing there in the future could maybe boost our presence too.

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