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Mysterious songwriting and production duo, Cache-Cache return with Mother Tongue, a brand new slice of futuristic fusion pop that is an ode to the differences in today’s society and a call for tolerance. It features some excellent vocal Hannah Taylor and King Ky0te and is released with nifty little black and white video. 

Here, the duo dish out their five favourite TV themes…

1. Allo Allo – This is a tremendously intricate composition with some colourful chord progressions, abstract key changes and beautiful melodic construction (not to sound too poncey!). And it features an accordion as its main protagonist! Uninteresting fact; I went to see Allo Allo live at Bradford Alhambra in 1996, and unfortunately (unbeknownst to me when my dad got me tickets) missed the Euro ‘96 quarter-final against Spain which was on at the same time! 

Here’s me playing a laid back version in memory of Gordon Kaye: 

2.Men Behaving Badly – If ever a theme tune summed up its show’s content, then this is it! Cheeky, boisterous (thanks to the shrill alto sax lead line!) and full throttle in arrangement – a great reminder of the lager-lout generation lost to time.

3. Agatha Christie’s Poirot – Bit of a left-field choice this I know. The intro is particularly eerie; the mix of dissonant piano chord voicings, with some strange, trippy, psychedelic image of the Belgian sleuth being revealed!

4. Crystal Maze – If I remember rightly this piece of music is called Forcefield (I haven’t Googled to check so correct me if I’m wrong) which is an apt title as it conveys a quest-like, daunting backdrop to what was an engrossing show to a young bairn growing up. I especially like the low, pulsating synth drone, even though it’s a bit dated and proper eighties sounding. I also once almost broke a toe kicking a radio whilst this theme was on (but that’s another story).

5. Bullseye – It had to be! Back in the days when broadcast companies spent time and money on such frivolities. They even had a ‘minor’ version for if they didn’t win the speedboat, and a ‘major’ version for if they did. If it was still going now it would have a thumping four-to-the-floor dance beat lacquered over it and all the soul sucked out. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. 

Honourable mention – The Bill theme – which is in an odd signature – 7/4 – like our new release Mother Tongue! 

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