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Newcastle soul singer Beth Macari’s recent single Love You More saw the honey-toned singer move into smooth R&B territory. The heartfelt love letter allowed Beth to tap into some new influences, with the likes of Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill obvious touchstones.

In her Bunch of Fives she reveals a perhaps more surprising love for vampire TV shows…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

It obviously has to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer! There is only one slayer! I was obsessed with this series growing up, to the point where I begged my mam to let me stay off school on the day the final ever episode was being aired. I have re-watched the whole series at least two more times since my childhood, I feel like the quality gets worse each time because of how high-tech the special effects are now compared to when Buffy was filmed, but the characters and the kick ass sassiness of Buffy never gets old! It’s a must watch, plus the theme-tune is well catchy.

The Vampire Diaries

This series is simply a must watch! The vampires are fit, the characters in the main friendship play a huge part in keeping you enticed in the story. There’s twists and turns and the sibling rivalry between the Salvator brothers is tense but with heart-warming moments sprinkled throughout. Heads up: one of the main characters Elena gets a little whiny and can’t decide who she wants, but you see past it and enjoy the sexy vamp fest for what it is!

The Originals

This is a spin off from The Vampire Diaries so a lot of the characters are in both series. I see this series as a bit more serious, although of course there will always be a slight element of cheese. This is based on a family of Vamps, (The first ever vampires hence the title). The family drama is never ending and I think they end up killing each other more than their enemies. Again, the characters are charming and developed while the plot lines are alluring but let’s be real, the setting is the real star of the show – the beautiful streets of New Orleans!

Twiliight saga

Okay, so I am clearly a 28-year-old soul singer in the body of a vampire-loving teen…I can’t deny that all of the above are easy watching combined with a little bit of cheese, and this saga is the epitome of that. If the above are a mild cheddar, then Twilight is a mature camembert. The parallels between Twilight and The Vampire Diaries are very apparent, both following a love triangle involving an indecisive human falling for the devilish charm of two supernatural studs. It’s action packed, filled with drama and never fails to make an evening at home all the more enjoyable!

Hotel Transylvania

In rounding off my Bunch Of Fives I would have liked the final pick to be a more mature thrilling tale of an intense vampiric figure….But it’s not. I’m a sucker for a cartoon, so with that I am going with the kids film Hotel Transylvania. Adam Sandler’s performance as Dracula is witty and quite charming, it’s a wholesome family film with guaranteed giggles.

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