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Singer-songwriter Becca James has been a busy bee as she releases her second single Perfect Girl, alongside the single she produced as part of a collaborative, community-driven, multimedia project, The Antidote to Perfectionism.

The song Perfect Girl, was written as a rejection of the pressures and expectations she faced when accessing the music industry as a working-class woman and acts as a springboard for the project’s video that visually explores a wider conversation about how perfectionism impacts us all. The song is spacious and ambient rich with a harmonious, atmospheric vocal, sombre tones of piano and interesting accentuations of percussion.

Here, Becca gives us her top five favourite cuppas…

I’m so addicted to tea, it’s my vice! If I don’t have it my eye twitches and I lose a big aspect of my personality. Putting the kettle on is my ritual. I love a good tea pot and tea cosy. Sometimes I fancy a dainty cup and saucer and other times a big comforting mug. I’ve recently gotten into coffee which is a bit weird, but tea is my first love, so here goes… 

1. Strong Yorkshire Tea (with oat milk) – The undisputed champion of tea. End of. Do not fight me on this one. I was originally a Mancunian, but I’ve lived in Yorkshire since I was 6. You won’t catch me chanting ‘Yorkshire’ or ‘God’s own country’, but the tea is truly heavenly. 

2. A calming peppermint tea – brilliant for IBS, just saying! I was lucky enough to fundraise at school and go on a trip to Morocco when I was a teenager and there they poured tea in tiny little cups from great heights. It’s very refreshing in hot weather.

3. A well intentioned Chamomile tea before bed that always goes stone cold I’m always thinking I’ll go to bed early to drink my tea and be a zen, put together woman, but no! Sometimes I’ll have it before I’m super sleepy and it’s lovely, but most of the time I wake up with it next to me cold. It’s so wasteful and I’m working on that. I love those little teapots with the little cup underneath too for this tea. Nice cup of tea and a hot water bottle. Oooh. 

4. A milky earl (grey) with plain digestives OR sugary nice biscuitsThis tea reminds me of my best friend in the world. Every time I am at her house, I gravitate towards her favourite drink. It’s so fragrant and sweet. I spent a lot of time at her house as children and it simply takes me back. A plain dunking biscuit just finishes off what is one the joys of my life; drinking tea with my favourite person!

5. Hot ToddyYou know what… I usually make this wrong and put loads of brandy and lemon rather than black tea and pretend it’s tea, when I just wanna get drunk in the name of trying to sleep! Highly effective! I recommend it!

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