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As part of the unique BRASSED ON event at Durham Town Hall on Friday 14th July, two North East artists take on a fantastic challenge of working alongside an established brass band to enhance their sound and take it to new levels.

Soulful Teesside artist Sisi will be working with New Orleans’ all-female brass band The Original Pinettes who will embellish her contemporary soul sound and infuse it with vibrant and infectious brass, creating brand new arrangements of Sisi’s music. Here, Sisi talks a little about what audiences can expect from this unique collaboration.

Tell us a bit about how you’ve got involved in the Brassed On project and how you feel about being involved

I was lucky enough to be approached by Jennie and Sue from Brass Festival and after just one call the whole idea of being on stage with a full brass band was so exciting and a whole new concept which I couldn’t wait to be a part of. I love that they’re giving a platform to emerging artists who wouldn’t usually get an opportunity to experience something like this.

What did you think of The Original Pinettes when you first met them?

The Original Pinettes are so lovely, and I love that I’m going to be on stage with so many amazingly talented Black women who are thriving in their representative field. Also, the fact that they’re travelling all the way from America to be a part of this? So good!

How have you been preparing for the collaboration?

Me and my team selected a few songs from my catalogue which we thought would work well with a brass band. We’ve sent them over to The Original Pinettes and I can’t wait to hear how they interpret the music.

Do you have any particular expectations in advance of the show?

Collaborations always have amazing outcomes, so I know that this is going to be such an exciting experience. I can’t wait to be on stage with so many instruments. I usually just perform with a backing track and dancers, so this is a whole new experience for me.

What can audiences expect from the live performance?

I think my best performance yet. This is a whole different side to me and my performances, so even if you’ve seen me live before this will be a whole new side to my music.

As quite a new artist who still may be exploring their sound, how do you see your collaboration with The Original Pinettes contributing to the music you make in the longer term?

I think it could make me reconsider the production of my music, and consider having session musicians in my studio sessions when creating new tracks. It’ll be interesting to hear what the tracks sound like with a brass band, and maybe I might have to release acoustic versions!!

Sisi and The Original Pinettes will perform at Durham Town Hall on Friday 14th July as part of Durham BRASS Festival. Also performing, Luke Royalty will collaborate with brass band Loud Noises, plus there’s a DJ set from Noble & Heath. Tickets, priced from £8, are available here.

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