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Teesside synth maestro and all-round man about town Mike Elliott, aka Stock Image, prepares to launch his new EP, Modern Living. Here, he explains the sounds, inspirations and thought processes behind the tracks on the release.

Words: Mike Elliott

I always think that by making music that I relate to, other people will hear it and it will relate to their lives as well, but more often than not I find out I’m a weirdo and no one else even thinks about the things I think about, so I’ve probably just created something exposing how strange I am, as I usually do. Either way, I hope you give it a listen and enjoy it.


ABC open their album The Lexicon of Love with an orchestral overture, so I thought I’d make myself seem really trendy by referencing an album all the kids are listening to. It’ll probably put most people off with its pretentiousness, but I’ve never tried to appeal to the masses, as you can probably tell by the size of the venues I play and my streaming income. £1.80 so far.

Modern Living

I used to do daft things when I was drunk, and people would just laugh it off, but as the years go by, the laughter is dying. It’s difficult because I still think I’m really funny, but there’s nothing sadder than a man in a pub laughing to himself. Instead of drinking, I think it might be time to start spending my weekends posting pictures of myself on walks like everyone else seems to be doing these days.

What’s My Name

Remember how exciting it is when you’re young and get your first romantic partner? At 32 years old, it’s just a slog of trying to fit your entire personality into a few pictures of yourself and a brief bio about how you like/dislike pineapple on pizza and that you love your dog or whatever. I went on a few dates with a girl last year, and eventually she said she didn’t know what she wanted. She was even older than me, so I hope she makes up her mind soon, or she’s gonna end up in a classic Miss Havisham situation. (I am aware she was just saying it to be nice, but that’s not as compelling for song lyrics.)

5 4 Me

There was talk about a four-day working week a few years ago, but it all seems to have quieted down now. I hope the music takes off because it’s a grim prospect, selling my life away to a company so that the boss can go and buy his third house. I’ll get a message from my mates who don’t work when I’ve woken up on a Monday asking what I’m up to, and they’ll tell me they’ve been at a party all night. The trade-off to that, I was told, was that because I work full-time, I can afford holidays and nice things, but because of the cost of living crisis I don’t even get that. All through my childhood I knew school was a waste of time, and I was right! Can’t believe they got me to believe it wasn’t as I got older.



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