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This is the 3rd in a series of annual playlists I have put out to profile some of my favourite discoveries of music in Basque country since moving here from Newcastle in 2017. By coincidence a lot of the music featured this time centres around Bilbao, and I have included some acts from the previous 2 playlists again based on the strength or change in direction of their latest material.

Listen to number #2:

and number #1:

Lukiek (Mungia)

My favourite live band of 2019. Lukiek are a punk trio made up of Josu (Belako who featured on playlist #2), Christian and Antton, and their debut album features the wonderful artwork of Ximon Agirre, which really helps their music come to life.

Tenpera (San Sebastián)

I have seen Tenpera perform numerous times and even put them on to play with me at a Massa Confusa show, but they never really had any recordings that showed how they really sound. Finally they have new material, which they have put out on vinyl and CD, and it sounds awesome. Expect a blend of grunge, punk and alt-rock.

Perky Pat (Bilbao)

Post-punk from Bilbao. Unfortunately, I have never encountered them live, but their debut EP ‘Carrying a Spy With Us’ is a strong debut.

Ineron Ero Ni (San Sebastián)

Think Fugazi, Girls Against Boys or Rites of Spring, with spoken word style lyrics in Euskera from Eneko, who is usually seen on all sides of the stage, amongst the crowd, playing brass instruments, or shouting through megaphones. Drummer Guantxe also plays as Jai Tiruriru.

Mazmorra (Bilbao)

Ana from Serpiente (who featured in playlist #2) is part of this synth led dance-pop quartet.

Lester y Eliza (Bilbao)

Lo-fi alternative rock quartet. Be sure to check out their track ‘Mirror’ and their 3 track self-titled EP on Bandcamp.

Cecilia Payne (Bilbao)

Cecilia Payne are an alternative rock four piece with a similar vibe to Pip Blom. They only seem to have 4 tracks online, so let’s hope for some a new release soon.

Moxal (Bilbao)

Moxal is the Basque word for ‘foal’ and is the brainchild of Hannot who has put together a dark collaborative 8 track album called Zaldikatu on Aitor Etxebarria’s Forbidden Colours label. FFO UNKLE and Massive Attack.

Empty Files (Bilbao)

With crisp production, dark beats/synths and spoken vocals it’s difficult not to make comparisons to Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack, but Empty Files should not be judged on these comparisons alone. Their live sets are carefully crafted, and their songs and performance are entirely individual.

Octuvre (Asturias)

Although from Asturias and not from Basque Country, it was here in San Sebastián I saw Juan Casamayor aka Octuvre perform, so I have made an exception and added him to this playlist. His work is a mix of new wave, coldwave and post-punk. 

Kvalvika (Eibar)

Kvalvika create experimental, ambient and post-rock inspired tracks. They have also done a remix of ‘Nobody’ for Empty files mentioned above.

Clorah (Bilbao)

Part of Sarah Rasines’ Crystal Mine label, Clorah blends minimal melancholic pop with trap. Don’t forget to check out the Crystal Mine radio podcasts on Mixcloud.

Madeleine (San Sebastián)

With brand new material Madeliene take a change in direction and become more heavily inspired by ‘emo’. I featured them on the bandcamp version of playlist #1.

Grande Days (San Sebastián)

I put Grande Days on playlist #1 but the strength of their new material meant that I had to put them on this playlist too. They have really worked hard here to express their own take on post-rock and indie by blending tight rhythms with transitions between loud and quiet, noise and clarity.

Killerkume (Bilbao)

Loud, tight and with pounding drums FFO Lightning Bolt, Aphex Twin and Noise-rock. The duo also play in an improvisation quintet called Orbain Unit.

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