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Released: 25.11.16





Young Legionnaire’s Zero Worship is cerebrally expansive creativity encapsulated in a pulsating, honest and message-laden insight into the minds of three frustrated genii.

Apart from being an excellently conceived album musically, the emotional journey travelled listening from end to end is invigorating. Without being over-produced, the honesty comes from limited use of electronic devices, or at least, them being used intelligently. Light and dark are contrasted excellently with the use of something a lot of bands in this genre forget about; dynamics.

Paul Mullen’s signature vocals further set Zero Worship apart from, well, anything else; the juxtaposition of YCNI:M and Bloc Party is both and clear and intrinsic, yet it doesn’t feel like a mash-up so much as a collaboration, and achieves something new and deeply original.  Considering the power and dynamicity of Zero Worship, there are moments of tranquillity.  Simone retains a thumping bass foundation, which is more subdued and provides a platform for chilled strings and a ramp up of the echo function.  The result is a track which has space to develop.

In contrast, Sawn-Off Shotgun is probably the best exemplification of the sound that thrust the band to the pre-frontal lobe of consciousness they currently occupy.  Loud, unapologetic, relatively short and with more muscle than Brock Lesner, it’s followed by the serene opening to You And Me as a perfect juxtaposition.

A cracking album worthy of attention.


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