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Released: 20.11.20







Sometimes the best compliment you can give a band is that they sound like someone else; which sounds mean, but is actually meant as a compliment. Paraphrasing the Arctic Monkeys’ Cornerstone (you know, the one where he sings about wanting to call his new girlfriend the name of his old girlfriend) I’m halfway through Tourists Another State when I remember that I’m not listening to a new album by Diiv, rather the debut by a five-piece from Torquay.

Full of gloriously poppy shoegaze moments, Another State works because it knows exactly what it wants to be, and who it wants to emulate. Shining brightest with the double hitter of Smokescreen and Faults, Another State never stands still; moving through layers of arpeggiated guitar sonics into subtle electronics and back again. Popping with post-punk basslines (Lego Man) and distant, dreamy, vocals (Align) this is an album where everything works; the songwriting, the production, the sequencing – heck, even the song titles (Perception Management anyone…).

If you’re a fan of post-punky-shoe-gaze-meets-dreamy-pop then this is for you. Just don’t call your new favourite band the name of your old favourite…


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