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Released: 10.06.22








The Utopia Strong take us on a beatific instrumental journey. You will not want to check out. It’s electronica, synthesised, sensory overload, an Arcadian paradise. Solar radiance here, angelic harmonies there. Multi-layered opulence. An exhilarating log flume ride. Jostling between glittering, glistening chorus and strident, verdant verse. Much more than the sum of its parts, or perhaps not.

With at least one World Champion, snooker’s own Steve Davis, in their ranks, when this ambient, psychedelic trio combine and collide you maybe should expect this resulting nuclear fusion. Revelatory vistas open all around us. It’s like driving headlong into the Northern lights or diving through a whirlpool and arriving in a Balearic paradise. An instrumental treasure trove.


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