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Released: 10.03.15

More information on The Pop Group’s official website


On first listen, the first Pop Group album in 35 years seemed dire: leaden, dated music; obvious, hectoring lyrics; industrial dub flourishes that sound like a dodgy 90s festival band. Repeated listens suggest it’s a grower, but Pop Group albums shouldn’t grow on you. They should grab you by the throat and bellow not-that-paranoid-at-all-if-you-really-think-about-it ideas into your complacent, apathetic face. There are moments on Citizen Zombie (see, even the title is a little gauche somehow) where the Pop Group you long to hear appear through the mire, where their urgency and energy and demented funkiness are briefly present, but all too often this album sounds like Gary Clail fronting a cruise ship funk band and that’s not what anybody needs.

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