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Released: 29.01.21







It’s been a bit for The Notwist but they’re back and not skipping a beat… except when they mean to! This record is nothing if not dynamic. The band have spent their time off working on various solo projects and you can hear the joy of being back in a room together here.

Their divergent paths feed back into Vertigo Days in surprising ways, from its structure, built from group improvisations, with songs flowing and melting into one another in a collective haze, to its spirit, which feels refreshed and alive. Although the music fizzes and pops with the new, that familiar gentle, lyricism is back “Rain is falling upwards and the letters in the mail says welcome here again”. They’ve brought in some friends to help tell their story too. We end as we began, with the painfully cyclical prophecy “Now that you know how much it hurts, won’t save you from falling into love again.”


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