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Released: 19.08.22






Headed up by the gasket busting 6L GTR, inspired by a number plate and supported by an irreverent animated promo, this is an album of enlightened blistering pub punk rock from The Chats. Imagine Dr Feelgood meets The Ramones.

Tracks like the speeding Southport Superman, with its rock ‘n’ roll guts on the outside, and The Price Of Smokes, a post-punk rant at the cost of tabs with an anarchic call to end parliament at the gallows. Tracks are ridiculously reflective of street sentiment; Paid Late was written after discovering an ATM with “the absolute shit beaten out of it”. Get Fucked is stacked full of serious humour, insightful to the affliction of social ills from a front-facing perspective, and I can’t wait to see them live.


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