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Released: 27.4.15

More information on Symmatik’s Soundcloud page


The north east isn’t particularly well-known for its electronic scene, but underneath the wave of (admittedly great) indie bands that we produce, there’s a strong and dedicated undercurrent of synth-loving musicians adding an extra dimension to the region’s music scene. Symmatik, the latest project of Durham’s Tony Morton, is just one of the many electronic artists being showcased at this year’s Evolution Emerging on Saturday 23rd May and, judging by his first proper release, it’s not hard to see why.

The unpretentiously-titled EP One is a four-track meander into some of the electronic world’s more laid-back and dark peripheries. Although _one begins with a scratchy, melancholic guitar, the folk aspect is quickly subsumed by echoed, slow-paced beats and some piercing sub-bass. Though it contains the hushed and warped vocal chops found on many a dance track, _one is far from being club-ready and sets up the rest of the EP to be a brooding journey, not too distant from the work of James Blake (minus the falsetto vocals). It’s an EP to play in the twilight hours, in the dark, with nothing but headphones for company.

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