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Released: 02.10.20







The rise and rise of Stone Foundation continues with their latest offering Is Love Enough?

As the title suggests, the tracks within are a concept of sorts, a contemplation on the apparent worldwide breakdown of empathy and all that accompanies it, a commentary on where we’re possibly headed, and a prayer for positivity through kindness, inner peace and reflection, all nailed to a killer groove that allows you to feed your head whilst getting on up.

Musically ambitious throughout, the band continue to stretch their legs, pulling each track into a new dimension with beautifully layered arrangements that are dense with a cornucopia of textures, yet delicate enough to never drowned out the meticulous songwriting at its heart.

Never a collective to shy away from collaborations, this mighty 17 tracker features weighty contributions from Durand Jones, Laville, Mick Talbot, Steve White and Peter Capaldi. Paul Weller make a welcome return to SF, dropping a vocal performance on the very striking Deeper Love, that is, quite simply, the best thing he’s done in many a year, which is mighty praise indeed. If this isn’t the breakthrough hit single Stone Foundation have been searching for, there is most definitely something wrong with this troubled world.

This gem of an album is the rarest of things; heartbreaking, introspective, uplifting and joyous in equal amounts, fully immersing the listener in a genuinely stirring soulful journey, and whilst you could certainly cherry-pick individual tracks, most goodness can be procured when diving in from beginning to end.

Is Love Enough? has pushed Stone Foundation so far forward, they’re out on their own at the vanguard of contemporary progressive UK soul. An absolute triumph.


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