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Released: 15.05.20 (digitally, physical release 03.07.20)





If this Sparks album – their 24th! – only contained iPhone (“put your fucking iPhone down and listen to me”) it would still make any worthwhile end of year list. It’s that good. But so is the rest of the album. Of course it is: it’s Sparks, stupid.

In many ways Sparks have maintained a trademark, instantly recognisable sound for fifty years – Russ’ remarkable falsetto, Ron’s lush and inventive songs and arrangements – but the settings have changed, from art rock through high energy and disco to the opera-tinged grandeur of their latest releases. Nothing is dated, you can tell Ron (an avowed hip-hop fan) is way ahead of the Coachella kids production-wise, and this is fresh as fuck.

Nobody else is writing songs about how awesome their lawnmower is.


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