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Upset The Rhythm

Released: 18.11.22







Shake Chain’s album opens with pure soap-style peril, setting us up perfectly for some almighty raucous glory, but don’t be sideswiped when first hearing Kate Mahoney’s Yoko-esque vocal delivery – you HAVE to stick with it, persist and you will be rewarded with one of the most vital releases of the year.

It’s noisy, thoughtful, humorous and bloomin’ vital! Kate along with Robert Syres, Chris Hopkins and Joe Fergey are all art school graduates and like nothing better than raising anxiety and curiosity in an audience where performance is key and is a spectacle to behold, expect plenty of indolent despair, dadaist bleeps, samples, cows, chickens and horses. Dissonant to the nth degree, it seethes but never simmers.


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