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Released: 07.02.20






Singing about distant lands can be a difficult subject matter in the world of pop.  Not only does an artist have to make the destination, or the journey, interesting enough to maintain the listener’s attention; but it also needs to have an interesting soundtrack.  Harry Styles pulled off the challenge recently with his Island of Eroda escapades which fit with Adore You’s gentle electronica, and Bowie/Ziggy succeeded by mixing space travel with glitter and glam rock; but both were uncommon successes in an often-trod path. 

Trying a similar trick, Seth Lakeman’s A Pilgrim’s Tale takes us on a 17th-century exploration of The Mayflower ship and its journey to the America’s.  Building its soundtrack around 17th-century musical styles (strings, fiddles, folk sounded vocals), and contextualized by a narrative provided by Paul Mcgann, A Pilgrim’s Tale’s beauty is its ability to take us back in time; both in its soundtrack and its setting. Fascinating to explore, Pilgrim’s journey is all-encompassing and riveting. An album for those looking for adventure.



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