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Released: 13.05.22







I am unsure whether Say Sue Me’s third album – home-recorded in Busan, South Korea – marks the end, or the beginning, of a season. There is something transitory and hesitantly jubilant about these ten new tracks. Outwardly, it is paint-by-number indie pop – a patchwork of generic (and, therefore, compulsively resonant) images – fuzzy electric guitars, boy and girl vocals, tales of yearning, bliss and teenage heartbreak. There are echoes of The Concretes, and something, too, of the rash romanticism of Standard Fare.

Beyond the familiar patterns and worn storylines, however, the album timidly generates a light of its own. It may go out any moment, but for now it exists – and the sense of suspension makes the songs precious and singularly endearing.


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