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Released: 31.05.19






The issue we grouches have with overtly ‘summery’ music is its tendency to crow in your face, desperately seeking to flaunt its sun-kissed credentials. Thank heavens then for groups like Sacred Paws who offer a more bittersweet and nuanced alternative, offsetting effervescent, helter-skelter rhythms with candid reflections on independence, loneliness and growing old.

Run Around the Sun may not be as perky as its predecessor, 2017’s Scottish Album of the Year winning debut Strike a Match, yet nary a second is put to waste over its fleeting 32-minutes. Coalescing bobbling guitar and vibrant drumming with luscious harmonies and gorgeous splashes of brass, Rachel Aggs and Eilidh Rodgers once again prove themselves a duo that all but the most cynical can throw their hats behind.






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