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Released: 19.08.22






Given the pent-up, housebound nature of its creation, it’s perhaps unsurprising that album number eight is the nearest Russian Circles have strayed to full-blooded post-metal fury. This yield to primal instinct may signal a lack of variety in lesser hands, yet the Chicago instrumentalists negotiate the switch with characteristic aplomb.

The likes of Conduit and Vlastimil, for instance are cacophonous ragers bursting with both muscle and low-end catharsis, while Betreyal’s frenetic blast beats offer an invigorating dose of the trio’s lesser-spotted blackened leanings. Ironically, where one might expect such a record to sign-off in a blaze of thunder, it’s left to cinematic closer Bloom to provide an unmistakable moment of hope – our sole extended peep through Gnosis’ weighty volcanic cloud.


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