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Released: 31.07.20







Romare is an artist renowned for sampling, mixing and a keen interest in African American visual culture, who first made his name with the iconic Down The Line which dropped back in 2012. Whether playing The Lawn at Gottwood or the more intimate confines of the club, Romare’s versatile music always sounds at home. His latest album is a more typical Romare effort which lends itself more to the living room than the main room, which is just as well as nightclubs remain off the agenda for the foreseeable.

Each track is given plenty of room to breathe; opener Gone builds with percussion and piano riffs, picking up distortion and vocals along the way, and keeps things interesting throughout its eight minutes. The rest of the tracks tell a similar tale, with Sunshine and Heaven being particular highlights. Each record in isolation makes for an enjoyable listen, but the album slightly suffers from a lack of variation. It may have been nice to hear more of the sort of vocals teased on The River, but Romare’s body of work suggests that his next project will fill any of the slight gaps here.



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