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Released: 17.07.20







With the release schedule still dominated by albums recorded in the ‘before’ time, a lot of new records now have to be heard in the context of a different world: the paranoia and foreboding of Ultimate Success Today makes for an alarmingly neat fit then, but the greatest victory of Protomartyr’s fifth album is how they’ve charted their escape route from post-punk revivalism.

The molten cod-psych of Processed By The Boys is a point of cathartic terminus, from which the drunken jazz balladry of The Aphorist and knowing bathos of closer Worm In Heaven emerge. Appearances from Jemeel Moondoc on alto saxophone and Izaak Mills on bass clarinet expand the band’s textural terrain, but it’s a career best set of lyrics from blue collar fatalist Joe Casey that makes this such a rich and still strikingly relevant work.


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