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Released: 19.04.24







Pillow Queens‘ third album, Name Your Sorrow, marks a distinct evolution in the journey of the Dublin rock quartet, shedding the youthful bravado of their early work for a deeper, more introspective sound. This shift is immediately evident from the opening track February 8th, setting a tone of reflective anticipation that pervades the album.

Highlights such as Gone and One Night impress with their rasping guitars, embodying a sense of finality and the cathartic release of moving on. Conversely, Blew Up The World delves into vulnerability with its reflective, stripped-back beginning that escalates into a powerful, guitar-driven climax, showcasing the band’s ability to marry raw emotion with compelling musicianship. Closing with Notes On Worth, the album encapsulates its thematic journey, which leaves listeners with a lingering sense of introspection and empowerment. The vocals from Sarah Corcoran and Pamela Connolly stand out across the album, imbuing each song with authenticity and emotional depth.

Name Your Sorrow is a masterclass in the alchemy of music production, seamlessly blending elements of pain, reflection and resilience into a coherent whole. The album’s exploration of Queerness and Irish identity adds layers of richness and relevance, making it not just a musical but a cultural touchstone.


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