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Released: 04.05.18








“It’s definitely like no record I’ve heard before.” Claimed Peace frontman Harrison Koisser, in reference to the band’s latest album Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll. He can’t have listened to many.

Since their B-town beginnings, the band have found a youthful market for their funk-tinged guitar pop, spawning some decent singles along the way. But their third is an altogether more frustrating listen, cobbled together from simplistic pop tropes and Koisser’s mawkish emotional manifesto.

Lead single Power opens well, but ensuing attempts at optimistic indie anthems are loaded with more lyrical and musical cliches than an X Factor winners’ song. ‘Inspired’ by recent political shortcomings (Trump, Brexit…), the album feels detached, like a fluffy ball of ignorance in an increasingly worrying world.


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