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Billingham Records

Released: 21.8.15

More information on Paul Smith’s official website


An album steeped in observational delights, from Smith’s musings on the 4th of July at Coney Island to the ugly shouts from the halfway house on Westgate Road. Contradictions offers a fuller sound compared to that of his previous solo output, yet it’s no less compelling. Intricate lyrical content is displayed perfectly against a backdrop of equally beautiful and upbeat rhythms, yet it’s when everything is stripped back that Smith really shines; The Golden Glint providing a rare moment of serene rawness, while The Mezzanine Floor is the complete opposite, filled with hip-shaking swagger and luscious harmonies laden with captivating hooks. From the urgency and intensity to the deep and contemplative moments, Contradictions is a wildly varied but an undoubtedly fascinating record.

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