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Released: 21.06.24







A grandiose laser-focused, heavy jazz rock splurge, punk and glitched, an electronic cacophony driven by percussion and sax in dis/harmonious splendour. Driving loops and stabs that unashamedly indulge drum & bass, slamming metallic techno and experimental ambience almost musique concrète in short cranial bursts.

O.’s album was recorded live over a very brief period in order to translate their live experiential onslaught; Green Shirt is testament to that, pulsing with smashed bass drum and slammed baritone sax. As debuts go, this places them firmly amongst the vanguard of ultra modern British psych jazz with the likes of Comet Is Coming et al. Hopefully they’ll add a North East gig at some point, as seeing them live will be essential.


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