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Sacred Bones

Released: 13.11.20







With the Russian dark-wave band’s melancholic melodies and dreary beats allowing this creative force to crawl into the limelight, their previous release was held together by pristine production and a beautifully brooding atmosphere.

The waves of dread and mystic that the band conjured were potent enough to overpower the repetitive troupes of the genre that shamelessly plagued their releases. Instead of a pastiche of post-punk, their newest release is its future. Instead of planting their feet in nostalgia, Molchat Doma are pioneering the evolution.

With their most versatile, engaging and even charismatic release to date, the band embark on an enthralling journey, despite their sinister and ominous atmosphere, they spectacularly dance around being frosty and foreboding, while consistently proving to be tenaciously fun.




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