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Released: 18.02.22







If the euphoric lead single It’s Good To Be Back had you thinking the seventh LP from the Brighton-hailing wonky pop connoisseurs was going to be business as usual, then you may find Small World to be a bit of a shock, with Joe Mount trading the everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bombast of Summer ‘08 and Metronomy Forever for a more subdued, downtempo collection of slow-burners.

It’s a bold and refreshing sea-change from the usual Metronomy aesthetic, with the pensive Loneliness Is Always On The Run and the buoyant but anxious Love Factory brilliantly representing the LP’s introspective approach. It’s more Tusk than Monster in the pantheon of “shocking genre left-turn LPs” and deserves the patience and repeated listens required to fully appreciate it.


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