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Released: 12.05.23







It’s the kind of supergroup you’d dream about. Electrelane frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Verity Susman and Wire guitarist, experimental electric organ player Matthew Simms, who together form psychedelic free jazz outfit, Memorials.

Despite being two different soundtracks, Music for Film is the best new record I’ve listened to for a while. The album takes you beyond the imagined boundaries of music – surpassing space, forgetting time – then plants you back down again. Verity’s timeless ethereal vocals are typically intoxicating on the likes of Dark Green, whilst Will’s drumming slips into a motorik beat that gives the tracks the drive of a new age Krautrock song. It’s all topped off with tape loops and drones, Verity somehow managing to play the saxophone and keyboard at the same time. It’s totally sublime. 


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