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Released: 25.05.15

More information on Mbongwana Star’s official website


Hailing from Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mbongwana Star are an eight-piece collective of vocalists, guitarists, percussionists and dancers. Singing as they do, in their native language, the music becomes all the more important, and it soon becomes apparent that this is a very accomplished set of musicians. Shegue and Coco Blues are infectious, you can hear and feel the sunshine-soaked vibes, losing yourself in the international language of music. But Mbongwana Star are the sum of their parts and more. From the occasional post punk guitars to the dub-wise production, this isn’t Africa as you’ve heard it before. Mbongwana means to ‘change,’ and they should certainly help change any pre-conceived notions of world music. An unexpected treat.

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