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Released: 19.05.23







Manchester four-piece Mandy, Indiana let loose a crackling debut, assuredly possessed of a horde of styles encompassing nihilistic electro, techno and ‘out there’ blistering avant-garde strident noise, all recorded in unexpected settings like malls and caves. And with a French lead vocalist, what’s not to like?

Opening track Love Theme (4K VHS) bumps along with classic arpeggiated lines but is a bit of an outlier, as the rest of the album pushes some serious experimental boundaries. Iron Maiden wields a piercing guitar with metallic reverberation building to an ecstatic crescendo; Peach Fuzz fizzes with a vibrant, pulsing techno heartbeat and the release is closed out by the pagan-like militarist Sensitivity Training. It’s a strikingly strong first release, keep an eye on these.

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