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three halfSvart Records

Released: 01.12.14


Between the duo’s work in dulcimer-and-eco-terrorism, metal surrealists Botanist and the Latin texts running through the lyric sheet, Lotus Thief’s debut could easily have fallen foul of over-ambition. What emerges on the six compositions that make up Rervm however is a diverse, sprawling sound that works just fine without the conceptual props: treating black metal as more of a ‘you are here’ marker than a generic straightjacket, they alight on the shoegaze, ambient and post-rock influences acts like Alcest have brought to the sound, but expand even further out into distinctly un-metal territory. The sheer amount of sound Lotus Thief try and fit into each song can leave them feeling over-stuffed, but Rervm still succeeds as a bold, thrilling debut.

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