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Released: 16.08.19






A body of work like Loscil’s invites a certain amount of self-reference: Scott Morgan’s ambient compositions sit in an uneasy place between calm contemplation and anxious concern, and as with last year’s Monument Builders, his latest album Equivalents tilts the dial more firmly to the second outcome.

Unlike the more percussive, ominous sounds of its predecessor however, Equivalents focuses on properties of air and emptiness, like the high-pitched whistling tones sitting between the choral drones of Equivalent 7 or the decaying synth pad chords that usher in Equivalent 3. Drawing inspiration from Alfred Stieglitz’s series of cloud photography, Equivalents is an album that asks the listener to look up with a combination of dread and awe: as always, Morgan’s work invites careful, considered listening to open up its secrets.



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